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Where is the nonwoven product markets?

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In today's world nonwovens production enterprise target market, we desire to develop through a fair market seem a bit naive. Compete with international nonwovens predators with courage, not only, also need wisdom. In April 2013, the United States Miami nonwovens exhibition city Miami in the eastern part of the United States held as scheduled. To us to attend international nonwovens exhibition of China nonwovens enterprises, both in the production of coil or manufactured goods, all have a common desire, that is hope to find customers, open the international market. Jiangxi it sanjiang microfiber non-woven co., LTD., the send personnel to participate in the international nonwovens exhibition, is hoping to find international buyers, testing the waters in the international market. Responsible for product sales, vice general manager shen xiang told reporters, sanjiang company in 2008 on the China's first article spinning viscose water thorn microfiber nonwovens production line. But due to machining cost and market awareness, equipment production, the production of microfiber nonwovens coil market has been won't open. As a result, businesses use superfine orange peel fiber spinning sticky characteristics of spunlaced nonwovens have developed the mattress with anti mite non-woven fabric, high-grade wiping cloth, building decorative wallpaper, and artificial leather base fabric and other products. "More than five years, the market still can't open, we also very worried." Shen xiang said. The same situation also occurred in hebei langfang ZhongFang new source non-woven co., LTD. New source of superfine fibre spinning sticky spunlaced production line put into production, the products also meet market bottlenecks, while enterprise has developed over the years, such as textile, clothing, wallpaper and other series of downstream products of nonwoven fabric, but sales are still not ideal. What's the problem? Problem is the product or idea? Markets are demanding, temper very strange, you touch it is not allowed "pulse", will be a problem. With a journalist with a group to go to America to visit nonwovens exhibition of guangxi liuzhou witten non-woven Liang Wenchuan company chairman, not holding this time we will be how big is the mentality of the harvest. His business for liuzhou wuling auto supplies automotive nonwoven products, in recent years, and in the field of agricultural nonwovens developed some agricultural spun-bonded nonwoven products, get good grades. , according to Liang Wenchuan spun-bonded non-woven recently shows the new use in rice seedlings, with 40 cmx60cm and 70 g/m2 of spun-bonded nonwoven fabric, compound on earth, and rice, above the cover a 20 g of nonwoven cloth, showed that the seedlings to overcome the past in the plastic base plate base often difficulty in separation, jilt seedling uneven defects, improve the survival rate of seedlings. The nonwoven seedlings cultivation technology, obtained the liuzhou the attention of the department of agriculture, ready to be used widely in the province. If the guangxi province countryside seedlings seedlings cultivation technology using nonwovens, the dosage is very big. Enterprise also to requiring growers, developed a banana, grape fruit nonwoven protection bag, set on bananas and grapes, can prevent the bird insect bites, improve fruit "look". The results if the promotion, also has a big market. Nonwovens enterprises in our country to international nonwovens exhibition, in addition to communication technology, communication, there is another important task is to observe and study international nonwovens 40 enterprises marketing strategy and technical level. Company headquarters is located in the hills of Florida is the nonwovens manufacturers, advanced equipment, products of many new technologies, the current is still far away from the market, such as multicomponent nanofibers, sheath-core fiber island, 10000 island island fiber technology, its output is small, is not accepted by the market. But as a new technical reserves, represents the future of nonwoven fabric. In today's world nonwovens production enterprise target market, we desire to develop through a fair market seem a bit naive. Compete with international nonwovens predators with courage, not only, also need wisdom

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