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High-profile filter material market

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Now people more and more attention to the fresh air, energy conservation, environmental protection, and the degree of clean drinking water, and filter material plays a very important role. Gas or liquid filter, filter bag or filter, melt-blown or wet non-woven fabric, carbon fiber or glass fiber, producers regardless of the choice of which is very correct, because of wide scope of application of the filter material, a variety of non-woven production methods can be used for the selection of raw material is not restricted, as consumers willing to spend money on the security of the products, to earn a good profit, and promote the development of technology innovation of filter material industry. In addition to fine fiber, and the use of nanotechnology to the electret fiber, become the direction of the development of filtration industry are following, and then expand the application range of non-woven fabrics. American Hollingsworth & Vose company's global business development manager Mr Angelika says: "green environmental protection and sustainable development of the global led to the development of energy-saving products and use, directly or indirectly encourage people to start to look for filtering materials in clean, more solutions in the field of energy saving and long life." Data provided by the nonwovens industry association INDA shows that even in the economic crisis, non-woven filter material market continues to increase, in the air filtration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning filter field continues to grow, and liquid filtration, drinking water, beverage and blood filtration market sales are also growing. Main reason is that consumers focus on drinking water quality and clean air more than the degree of attention to the economic crisis, suggests that market there is no depression stage, the filter material in even the most difficult times, consumers will buy filtering material, but will choose to extend the period of replacement of filter material to ride out the storm. Open up new markets Precision Custom Coating (PCC) company just a few years ago into filter material market, focus on the development of the filter material used in industry, due to the company's technical expertise in the field of industrial and fabric Coating, which will develop emphasis on pleating with wire mesh filter, mainly in industrial, commercial and retail markets. Company sales manager Mr David said: "the PCC into the filter material market spent 18 months, the whole process is more difficult, but the final product by the market recognition, indicate on the performance of our products is equal to market similar products, even beyond the place, the key is not just about the company's ability, but can maintain the long-term stability of product quality, we have successfully done." Dupont, also in the market to expand the filter material, Nomex KD Nomex and Kevlar fiber is made of special non-woven filter material, used for high temperature filtration field, such as asphalt production and cement clinker cooler, etc. Company public relations department manager ms Cathy said: "dupont has special research and development team with different condition of enterprise engaged in the development of high temperature filtration materials, qualified materials with high performance, to protect the personal safety and environment." When it comes to the development of dupont filter material, ms Cathy added: "the company has special filter as a focal point of research and development with the aid of dupont existing in various areas and a variety of unique technology, the success of the functional materials development experience, for the survival of humans and the protection of the environment with high added value." Facing the world When Asia at the time of building the implementation of the construction of infrastructure, the demand for filters are also growing, and non-woven filter manufacturers to target market are increased continuously expanded. In the past year, H&V, Austin dragon (Ahlstrom), Freudenberg (Freudenberg) and Andrew (Andrew) UK companies have invested in the east, in meet the demand of customers and open up new markets. H&V in the filter industry for many years, constantly looking for opportunities to expand global business, conducted a series of investments in recent years, including the construction of a new production line in China suzhou (H&V in suzhou factory was founded in 2008), India's new joint venture company, increase capacity of the glass fiber and the European new melt-blown line, localization, the investment not only make the most of the products of the company expanded to produce products at the same time. In June this year, H&V will work with India Nath group together to form a joint venture company, the production engine with filtering material and some heating ventilation and air conditioning with filter material, in order to meet the local Indian demand for high quality filter products. At the same time, companies in Asia are new on a filter paper production line, products are mainly applied in engines and industrial filtration field. Austin dragon will reach filtering into Asia market already, in recent months the focus shifted, the company will be located in the wuxi dust filter production line sold to Andrew company, as part of the world out of the business plan, but Mr Osborne dragon still retains its binzhou factory business. In September 2010, as an important strategic moves into Asia, the company acquired Michael pryke group shandong PuRuiFu special paper co., LTD., to further strengthen the Austin dragon in the leading position in the global filter business. Ms Noora, a company spokesman said: "to date, Mr Osborne dragon business progress of binzhou factory is good, the layout of the company in Asia will have branches in local global customers with better service, we can also to expand the market share in Asia, and to lay a good foundation in the future development in the region." Andrew company, meanwhile, also is in rapid expansion, China Felt is generally referred to as the company filter business in China, although many companies to join filtration industry in recent years, the market competition is fierce, but Andrew filter business remains the increment rate of 10-15% a year. In addition to the dust filter, hope that through the company wuxi production line in liquid filtration markets, at the same time, the company intends to increase a few needles in wuxi factory production lines, to expand its production capacity in China. In addition, the company is building a factory in India, even though the purpose of the factory is not produce non-woven fabric, but will develop into a coil distribution and products production, and ultimately increase acupuncture non-woven production capacity. Improve the quality Besides on the geographical area of expansion, ongoing new product development is the most producers in the success of the filter material. American Lydall Performance Material company is good at according to the market demand of new product research and development, especially in the field of power plants, commercial and industrial filtration, and thus sales to maintain the sustained growth trend. Arioso company with microporous membrane for the base material is a kind of air filter composite material, which is developed for efficient flue gas filter, can clear away the fine dust in the flue gas, laser/plasma cutting and welding process of flue gas, a filter with a Arioso is specially designed for clean up special tiny particles, so as to keep the bad working environment in the degree of clean air. H&V company has been persistent technical innovation, bring their own unique microporous structure of the NanoWeb since the launch, the company has been working hard to improve product quality, production of smaller fiber fineness and fiber diameter distribution range is more narrow filter material. Mayman lady said: "the existing filtration products need to have better performance, to match the self-cleaning function of filter, but also improve the adsorption ability of dust, especially the particles of soot and other mild." Companies to develop other new products including hydraulic and fuel filter material -- Inviscant, used to adjust and improve the work performance of the fuel and hydraulic equipment. Capaceon is a kind of, but also let dust quantity increased significantly efficient filter material, on the basis of manufacturers filter can be optimized, thus reducing the small filter used in the filter material. Technostat Plus its prototype Technostat (a kind of electret filter material), compared to when the filter will result in a lower pressure drop, is now widely used in the mask, filter material for medical use, heating ventilation and air conditioning filter. In addition, the company is actively sell fuel, lubricating oil and air filtration material, the material as the main part of engine filter, fully able to meet the emissions and fuel economy standards requirements. Mayman lady then said: "the technology widely involved in many of our products, the company developed in cooperation with downstream customers for a long time to adapt to the inferior fuel quality, biofuels, smaller filters, the strict emissions and save energy of normative requirements of filter material, in response to growing global challenges." At the same time, Austin, the dragon in the Brazilian city of Louveira added new capacity, to further consolidate its global leading position in transportation filtering material, in addition, the company is also expanding in water filtration, gas turbine and high efficiency air filter, and demand for filtering material in life sciences, Mr Blasi explained: "our research and product development goal is in view of the market, as the market is changing to the requirement of filter material, we are looking for newer and better products, to provide customers with better technology solutions." With fiber diameter smaller and smaller, the filtration efficiency will be more and more high, thus applying nanotechnology to filter material has become a development trend. Another development hot spot is activated carbon used in water filtration field, this is the dragon Disruptor products unique key technology, the high performance of wet filter medium in comparable to intercept and filtering efficiency UF and MF membrane filter, can reduce or even rule out a variety of pollutants in water, such as viruses, bacteria, chlorine, iodine, iron, lead, tin, copper, and membrane, etc., can be widely used in beverage production, pharmaceutical water, entry and use point filter materials. Many experts think that many in other markets have not really selling climate products, has become a must in the filter market. The Cerex Advanced Fabrics company developed nylon shioze stick thin net as support layer of the filter material, the company sales department deputy chief John Hancock, says Mr "power is the chemical industry, to promote the development of filtration market because using a variety of additives can cause damage to the filter, so we are trying to develop long life products, even at high temperature can have longer service life, at the same time, the company is also working to develop diversified products, providing customers with more choices, in order to win in the fierce competition in the market." Mr Reamon of PCC companies in the United States said: "now tend to be more ordering sales market and the filter material, enterprise more hope than ever in the fierce market competition, because most of the products produced are very common, it is difficult to level with competitors, so the key to success is how to provide products for downstream customers and how to do after-sale service." Although the PCC in air filtration already occupy a certain market share, but the company had the plan for liquid filtration market, Mr Reamon added: "we will continue to look for the advantages of products of the company, not just for the fierce competition, but sought to the final customer demand, and strive for it." Always pay close attention to market changes A survey by the American BCC research institute shows that non-woven filter material market in the next five years will be a compound annual growth rate (CAGR), increasing the rate of 7%, increased from $2010 in 2.5 billion to $2015 in 3.5 billion, will become the largest market in the asia-pacific region, will with the fastest increasing compound annual growth rate, increase rate will reach 9.5% in 2015, from $2010 in 923 million (about 37% of the market) to $2015 in 1.5 billion. For some, and the filter material separation and filtration market, Europe and North America market is relatively mature, competition is intense, the CAGR of 5.2% over the next five years, the north American market slightly better, CAGR of 5.4% over the next five years. Can be seen from the survey data of BCC non-woven filter material in production technology, commercial application, and an overall situation in the global market, including use of non-woven fabrics including the air flow into the filter material, wet non-woven, spun-bonded, melt-blown and perforated membrane. Due to the end use non-woven filter material is used to control the pollution and liquid filtration, and therefore is very important to strictly control the quality. Some key filtering process including water filter, heating ventilation and air conditioning and food processing, etc., with the consumer on food safety, water quality, cleanliness and the improvement of air quality consciousness and the comprehensive influence of personal safety, will promote the new filter material production technology constantly. In short, if producers intend to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, must be timely understanding of the dynamic development of filter material market, and timely adjust the raw material purchasing and production mode, also for the company's shareholders, must know the market changes to the company's overall operating conditions, the influence of the users of the filter material is more should pay close attention to changes in upstream raw material of the filter material in a timely manner, and timely and effective choice, in order to low cost and high quality in the production of high quality filters.

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