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Zhejiang Non-woven Fabrics Co., Ltd is established in 2007, which contains
two branch company: one is Zhejiang Falaifu Non-woven Fabrics Co., Ltd
and the other is Wenzhou Jinyuan Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd.
Being developing by many yeas, our company becomes grow into……

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of pp spunbond non-woven fabrics. Our products adopt polypropylene as raw m-aterial, through high temperature melting, silk spray into nets, hot glue, winding cutting automatic production process, the quality of our products reach the domestic first-class level,
(1) Style: diamond,cross, line, dot, printed and so on
(2) Max width: 2.15 m (can be slitting )
(3) Density: from13gsm to 250gsm
(4) Color: customized
(5) Function: widely used in industry, agriculture, medical, shoes, bags, gift bags,shopping bags and so on.
In the packing filed, as long as you want, it can be used-nonwovens!

Widely applied to sectors of grain, medicine, garment, hotel service and daily necessary,
occupying a large market share in China and selling well in Australia